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Promotion of productive investment in the Marche region

With this intervention, the Marche Region wants to promote the implementation of industrial development plans with a strategic character and high employment impact in the regional territory, with the aim of stimulating the revitalization of the regional production system and increasing the degree of attractiveness of the Marche region.
The proposals that will be selected, will see the conclusion of Investment and Innovation Agreements between The Marche Region and the proposing entities.

Target audience

Enterprises engaged in direct activity in the production of goods and services (including research organizations with private legal form), excluding agricultural enterprises and those engaged in trade and the financial, insurance and real estate sectors, are eligible to apply. Enterprises can also submit jointly with each other on the basis of an integrated supply chain business plan

Types of interventions that can be financed

A. Productive investment-Minimum investment: 1,000,000.00 (200,000, for each possible principal of ATI)
B. Research or technological infrastructure – Minimum investment: 1,000,000.00
C. Research and development projects – Minimum investment: 500,000.00
D. Innovation projects (for MPMIs only) – Minimum investment: 80,000.00
E. Energy and/or environmental innovation projects – Minimum investment: 200,000.00
F. Staff training – Not applied
G. Recruitment of disadvantaged categories – Not applied

Employment growth

The Agreement must mandatorily guarantee, at the end of the investment program, an increase in employment at the location being established, expanded, or rehabilitated of at least 20 labor units (ALUs) compared to the December 31, 2021 figure. The increase is to be achieved through full-time, permanent contract hires.


The agreement has a maximum term of three years from the date of signing.
The investment must be maintained at the location specified in the Agreement for at least 3 years after the conclusion of the program.

Financial allocation

An initial total amount of €4,100,000.00 is allocated for project funding.

Submission of proposals

June 30 to September 30

More information

Read the Announcement here