Supporting the territory for research, innovation and technology transfer

Fondazione Cluster Marche represents the Technology Clusters of the Marche Region.

It is an alliance of more than 180 organizations including companies, universities, research institutions, and associations, working to enhance the capabilities of the Marche innovation system through the development of collaborative research and technology transfer activities and support for Cluster activities.

The Foundation is a multidisciplinary organization, an open and inclusive network, a community of regional value representative of the thematic areas of reference. It supports partners in processes of innovation and competitiveness, design of joint projects and active participation in respective national Clusters and European platforms.

Over the years, it has acquired extensive experience in organizing dissemination and communication activities through the organization of workshops, laboratories, round tables with authoritative subjects in the areas of interest.

It works with a bottom-up approach gathering the needs of the territory, providing analysis, evaluation and technology scouting, through the activation of extended chains of cooperation between territories, trans-sectoral and international.

Ideas are stimulated through the organization of working tables and the drafting of roadmaps and finally enhanced through sharing with policy makers, networking and the implementation of joint projects.

To join the Cluster Foundation Marche network, you must join at least one of the Regional Technology Clusters, in accordance with your theme of reference.
Becoming part of the Cluster community means having at your disposal a series of useful tools to increase your degree of competitiveness and performance both at the regional level but especially at the national and European levels.


Mauro Castello

President of Fondazione Cluster Marche and of Cluster Marche Manufacturing

Massimo Fileni

President of Cluster Agrifood Marche

Gloria Rossi

President of Cluster e-Living Marche

Alessio Gnaccarini

President of Cluster In Marche

Meet the Team

We are a multidisciplinary team with specific expertise based in Ancona

Cluster Manager

Ronnie Garattoni


Selene Caldieri

Executive Secretariat and Administration

Silvia Ballarini

IT Advisor

Marco Grassi