Clusters are aggregations of companies, universities and research institutes that work together to promote excellence in research and innovation, and enable the country system to compete in Europe and the world. All Clusters are in line with the priorities of the Horizon Europe Framework Program for European Research: a funding program with a budget of 95 billion euros earmarked for research and innovation.

Italian promoter of the Cluster policy, is the MIUR which, on the basis of the Smart Specialization Strategy (S3), has identified twelve strategic areas for the country’s technological development and therefore twelve National Technology Clusters.

The Marche Region has joined the S3 National Strategy, selecting among the national areas, those most important for regional technological development, arriving at the establishment of the Regional Clusters.

AGRIFOOD. Food Farming Innovation Cluster.

Product quality, safety and certification, nutraceuticals, sustainability of production chains, precision farming.

The Marche Agrifood Cluster Association (CLAM) is an aggregation made up of the four Universities of the Marche region (UNIVPM, UNICAM, UNIURB, UNIMC), Research Institutes, companies that are linked to the agricultural, food and seafood worlds, trade associations and service companies that collaborate with each other to meet the needs for innovation along the entire agrifood supply chain of the Marche region.

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E-LIVING. Ambient Intelligence Innovation Cluster

Security, wellness and comfort, smart environments and multimedia technologies, sensor technology, health and active aging.

The e-Living Association is a public-private partnership composed of universities, research institutes and companies in the area that collaborate to gather and study the needs of manufacturing production of models, systems and technologies for Ambient Intelligence and Ambient Assisted Living.

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MARCHE MANUFACTURING. Industrial Innovation Cluster

Industry 4.0, robotics, mechatronics, new materials and manufacturing processes, energy efficiency.

The Marche Manufacturing Cluster is a public-private partnership composed of local universities, research institutes and companies that collaborate to gather and study the needs of manufacturing production, which is increasingly oriented toward automated, efficient, low environmental impact and human-oriented processing, goals defined as fundamental by the national Intelligent Factory cluster.

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IN MARCHE. Creativity Innovation Cluster

Made In Italy, circular economy, textiles, footwear, leather accessories, wood, furniture and its complements, eco-design.

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