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Il 6 Aprile 2022, presso il laboratorio i-Labs Industry con sede in via Guerri 7, 60035 Jesi (AN) si terrà un workshop dal titolo: Introduction to risk assessment and safety evaluation for collaborative robot applications.

Interverranno due ospiti internazionali del JOANNEUM RESEARCH: Prof. Michael Hofbaur (director and chief scientist of JOANNEUM RESEARCH ROBOTICS) e Prof. Michael Rathmair.

Questo il programma

09:00 Registration

09:30 Morning session

  • Collaborative robotics and associated safety requirements
  • Safety measurements
  • News from ISO and CEN standardisation committees
  • Guidelines and best practices besides the standards
  • Trends in in the field of collaborative robotics

14:00 Afternoon session

  • Hands-on Robot-application testing
  • Discussion and networking event

L’evento è gratuito ma per partecipare occorre registrarsi cliccando su questo link