conferenza stampa

Press conference ILABS Project

The presentation event of ILABS Project was held on 15th November, 2019: this is the first regional industry 4.0 Platform.

The meeting was attended by the Marche Region Assessor of Productive Activities Manuela Bora, together with the mayor of Jesi Massimo Bacci, the CEO of Filippetti Micol Filippetti and the President of Cluster Marche Foundation Rosaria Ercoli.

Also the Rector of University of Camerino Claudia Pettinari and prof. Michele Germani of Marche Polytechnic University. 

ILABS project consists of two research projects about robotics and cyber security, a technology transfer project and the realization of a regional laboratory at ZIPA in Jesi.

Cluster Marche Foundation has the role of of animator and communicator of project activities.